Pilgrim Observer Photoetch Set
1:100 to 1:200 scale

Pilgrim Explorer Photoetch from ParaGrafix

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MPC has re-released the legendary Pilgrim Observer kit. While a fantastic kit in its original release, it now shows its age because of simplistic details.

This new photoetch set ads new and “current state of the art” details to this venerable kit. Features include:

  • Gridwork truss to hold the kit’s NERVA engine. (For advanced modelers.)
  • Open-grid communications antennae.
  • NASA Orion-style solar panels and Apollo-inspired high gain antenna for the space capsule.
  • Finer robotic arms for the “EVA taxi” (with an homage to a classic science fiction movie). In 2 different sizes and 2 different poses.
  • Two different styles of hatches.
  • New solar parnels.
  • A Hubble-style moveable cover for the telescope. (Integrated hinge!)
  • ”Shadow casters” to give the impression of crew inside the ship.
  • And much more ...

FOR KIT: MPC #713 and Classic Releases

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1:100 to 1:200


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Pilgrim Explorer Photoetch from ParaGrafix Pilgrim Explorer Photoetch from ParaGrafix Pilgrim Explorer Photoetch from ParaGrafix

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